November 2007

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My Flex-based Chart Engine

I've been looking for a good charting mechanism for a few personal apps.   CFCHART works in some cases, but I usually opt for SVG, either rendered inline (i.e. SVG and XHTML interleaved in an XML doc) or rasterized into a PNG server-side via Batik.  Both solutions have their merits, but both also have a lot [...]

Schema Tool Update

I've updated my schema tool again, this time with some pretty significant changes.  Quick recap: the goal of the app is to manage your DB schema via managed code, rather than some external process, so you get transparent database upgrade to all environments as part of deploying a new version of your app.  Very handy [...]

Excalibur Constants

Excalibur Constants

I believe I've blogged about Excalibur (an RPN calculator for Win32) before, but I just discovered the wide array of constants that it has built in:

While I can't say that I use many of those numbers in my daily calculations (which are usually either pixels or dollars), the last one is definitely useful.

Regular Expression Backreferences and the Non-Greedy Modifier

Update: James Allen caught a formatting bug. It seems WordPress doesn't like my coloring, and when present, swaps the double quotes for "smart quotes". I've removed the coloring, and it seem to be fine again.
Someone posted a question on CF-Talk about using backreferences in regular expression search strings. Not the replacement [...]

Enums and ActionScript's Static Initializers

I discovered today, while trying to synthesize an Enum type, that AS3 has the concept of a static initializer, which is awesome. In a nutshell, a static initializer is kind of like a constructor, but it's for the class object itself, not instances of the class. It gets invoked during classloading, after all [...]

It's November…

… and that means NaBloPoMo, and this counts.