September 2007

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CF8 and Batik (for SVG)

CF8 and Batik (for SVG)

I just discovered that CF8 ships with a more complete Batik than CF7 did. Out of the box it's capable of transcoding SVG graphics to PNGs, which CF7's implementation wasn't capable of doing. With CF7 you had to move the partial Batik that came bundled and replace it with a full version to [...]

CF8 Mail Spool Directory

After a couple days of CF8, I noticed I wasn't getting the emails I was supposed to be getting. Turns out the CF8 installer, at least in multi-server mode, doesn't set the right permissions on the /WEB-INF/cfusion/Mail subdirectories, so CF can't write out the mail spool files. Flipping them to the right group [...]

CF8 Scheduled Task Migration

Turns out the migration of my scheduled tasks wasn't quite perfect.  A couple of them hit a URL protected by HTTP Basic Authentication, and the password didn't translate correctly.  It appears they are stored encoded, so I expect the encoding scheme changed.  Worse, the encoded value of one of them had a double quote which [...]

My ColdFusion 8 Upgrade

I just upgraded my workstation to ColdFusion 8 today, as well as installed it on my server (though it's just testing at this point).  Since it's my first real-world CF8 experience, I figured everyone would want to hear all about it, especially the new features that made the process much easier.
The real motivation for the [...]

Flex2 (and 3) RemoteObjects over SSL with ColdFusion

I just deployed a Flex app to an SSL secured host, and ran into some issues getting AMF over SSL working.  Googling turned up the answers, but in rather fragmented form.  So I'm coalescing them here.  In a nutshell, you have to create a new channel (my-secure-amf) that uses the secured versions of the AMF [...]