My Bikes

My ‘07 Fuji Cross Comp and my ‘03 Triumph Sprint.

5 Responses to “My Bikes”

  1. 1 PaulH

    i prefer the one on the left ;-)

    never seen that kind of bike stand before. can you work on the bike using it? what brand?

  2. 2 barneyb

    It’s a Performance/Spin Doctor stand. The ultra cheap variety. The bottom bracket sits on a cradle, and there is a screw clamp that holds the down tube against the stand’s frame. Stays nice and secure, with good clearance for the pedals and wheels. And it nice and high, which is nice for me, being 6′ 5″ an all.

  3. 3 PaulH

    cool, thanks. now to see if i can find one over here. most available here need bolting into the wall, something my wife’s not too keen on.

    btw how’s your riding coming?

  4. 4 barneyb

    Until yesterday, I hadn’t been on the bike in a long time. Long time. Still got the tan lines, but not the fitness. Hard to find time with Heather’s desire to always be out doing stuff with her friends, as that means I’m taking care of the kids.

  5. 5 PaulH

    that’s too bad.

    several years ago i made a decision to get in 2 days a week for training (usually intervals which don’t take that much time) and one long 150-200km ride every saturday come hell or high water. i’ve been able to keep this schedule 90% of the time (though lately the intervals truly take a lot of mental effort–not as young as i used to be). i got the family involved, when they feel like a weekend getaway, i make a one-way ride to the hotel while they tool around the area (lately we’ve been hitting thailand’s “napa valley”). it’s been a win-win.

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