FB3Lite is a very simple front controller for HTML apps in the style of Fusebox 3 and Fusebox 5. It uses the FB3-style fbx_Switch.cfm (with a big CFSWITCH inside), but provides do() and include() UDFs that provide functionality analogous to the like-named verbs in Fusebox 5, including content variable support.

Just grab index.cfm, create fbx_Switch.cfm and you're done.  The FB3Lite source can be downloaded directly, or you can grab it from Subversion, either for direct consumption or svn:externals.

CF9 Note: If you're using CF9, you'll need to remove the location() UDF from inside the core file.  Adobe added this function as a ColdFusion built-in in CF9, which means defining a UDF with that name now throws an error.  So just open up index.cfm after you download it and delete the CFFUNCTION. This is no longer necessary; I've used a temp variable and UDF assignment to bypass the compiler.  On CF9 you'll use the built-in location, not the FB3Lite one, but you can use the core file intact.

If you'd like to see it in action, there is a demo app available to download (or checkout from SVN).